CYF4 – ENVELOC Press Release 5-11-20

May 11, 2020

CYF4®-Enveloc® FedRamp Network Security

Announcement of FedRamp cloud security for Home Offices.

Free Download: CYF4-Enveloc FedRamp Azure Government Cloud Backup 60-day trial

CYF4®-Enveloc® has 25 years of experience in backing up and protecting computer data, and today we are bringing to bear our experience and product features into an entirely new mode: Office at Home Security with storage on the FedRamp-approved Azure Government Cloud.

For a nominal fee, you can completely protect your work product against any eventuality. Enveloc’s End-to-End AES 256-bit encryption, DiskAppearTM technology, SplitKeyTM (patent pending) protection, and CYF4 Cloud Storage System gives you the best protection there is.

CYF4-Enveloc Home Office Data Security

And with CYF4, you have a choice between the Azure Commercial Cloud and the Azure Government Cloud (FedRamp). CYF4 makes certain of end-to-end encryption and secure transmission protocol.

  • Ransomware – DiskAppear keeps the backup USB totally unavailable to the system.
  • Accidental Deletion – a few mouse clicks and you’re back in business
  • Disk Crash – CYF4 makes multiple local copies of your entire Disk which can be restored in the time it takes to copy back to your machine
  • Total Loss – cloud copies of data are completely separate and safe
  • Secure File Storage and Sharing – you can securely share files with colleagues anywhere

Your monthly fee includes technical support for installation and restorations, up to 1 TB storage, file, folder, disk image, archive and ad hoc file storage and sharing. Enveloc, Inc. has been audited and issued a without-exception opinion of compliance with AICPA standards for availability, security and confidentiality under the SOC2 Type II specifications.

Free Download: CYF4-Enveloc FedRamp Azure Government Cloud Backup 60-day trial

We will also provide a 60 day trial for Cloud Storage and Sharing by phone through our tech support staff where there’s never a wait.

*Your laptop or PC requires a Windows® Operating System, 2 USB ports (preferably Type 3), and an internet connection.

*We cannot guarantee the DiskAppear feature can be configured on every system.

* Client-supplied USB drive required. We recommend at least 3x the OS Disk size. To use the DiskAppear feature, USB should be seen as a Mass Storage Device

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